13 33, 1995
13' 33", 1995
Installation with 13 minute audio piece, portable radio

This piece was made for 'Barrage', a site-specific exhibition of sound art that took place at a contemporary office building in Belfast.

An interview with architect Simon Templeton was recorded during a site visit to the building, which had been a RIBA award-winner when it opened in 1991. The interview was edited with music (John Cage's 'Second Construction', 1940) in the style of a radio documentary and replayed through a portable radio placed on the counter of a disused coffee bar in the building's central atrium space.

Visitors to the exhibition would come across the radio—which had the appearance of having been left behind by someone working within the space—and discover that the sounds were addressing the building: collapsing the distance inherent to the notion of broadcast and creating an unexpectedly intimate encounter with the building's architecture.


Gavin Weston, 'Barrage', The Sunday Times, 25 June 1995