Architecture and Motility, 2017
Architecture and Motility, 2017
Four-channel audio installation, c.45 minute duration, loops continuously

The sounds of architect Niall McCullough's stomach were recorded using a custom-designed waistband with four embedded contact microphones as he ate breakfast at McCullough Mulvin Architects' Long Room Hub building at Trinity College Dublin.

For exhibition, the recordings were played back as a four-channel installation through speakers located on two levels of the atrium space at The Long Room Hub; the positioning of the four speakers reflected the layout of the microphones during the recording, mapping the four quadrants of the gastro-intestinal tract onto the vertical space of the building's central atrium. Throughout the day, the blips and gurgles of the architect's stomach sounds emitted from the speakers, providing a playful and intimate integration between architect's body and building fabric.

The piece was exhibited as part of McCullough Mulvin Orange, an exhibition of work by Mark Orange produced in collaboration with Niall McCullough that was installed at five McCullough Mulvin buildings across central Dublin in September–October 2017.

Stereo excerpt:

Jill Stoner, 'Fugue in Temple Bar Minor', 2017