Bel Edifice, 2014
Bel Edifice, 2014
Installation with 15 minute audio piece, FM transmission, portable radio

Bel Edifice was made for 'A False Sense', a group exhibition at Catalyst Arts, Belfast that set out to explore ideas of expectation and encounter around the experience of visiting a gallery—and the use of the peripheries of the gallery space as a site for making work.

An audio interview was recorded with architect Declan Hill during an exploration of the former industrial building which houses the Catalyst Arts gallery. The interview was edited with music ('Bel Édifice Et Les Pressentiments' from Pierre Boulez's Le Marteau Sans Maître) in the style of a radio documentary and presented as an FM transmission from an antenna mounted on the roof of the gallery building.

Visitors to the gallery came across a portable radio tuned to the frequency of the transmission. The radio had the appearance of having been left behind by someone working within the space. Closer listening, however, revealed that the sounds addressed the building in which the listener was standing, collapsing the distance inherent to the notion of broadcast, and creating an intimate encounter with the architectural space of the gallery.