The Collaboration, 2006
16mm film/DVD, 4 min, 8 secs

'The Collaboration' unfolds at "BPH Associates, Architects", a fictionalized contemporary architects' office. We eavesdrop on an artist and architect as they work late on the design of a sculpture for the plaza of a new high-rise development. There is a sense of resolution as the artist lifts and places a maquette of a large outdoor sculpture onto the architectural model. Both men move to finish up for the night and leave.

We cut to interior of the bathroom at the architects' office. The artist and architect are standing at adjacent urinals. Neither man is able to urinate. It is a moment of awkwardness, tinkling, random-sounding piano music fades up on the soundtrack (from Pierre Boulez's 'Structures for Two Pianos', 1952). The tension increases, before there is a final concession of defeat and muttered attempts to make light of the situation...

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