The Fountainhead, 2017
HD video, c. 5 mins duration, loops continuously

Niall McCullough was filmed standing on the rooftop of McCullough Mulvin Architects' Ussher Library building at Trinity College from a camera located at ground level across the street. Starting with a wide view, then slowly zooming in on Niall in his lofty position, the continuous motion of the camera recreates the final scene of King Vidor's 1949 film adaptation of Ayn Rand's 'The Fountainhead'. Rand's character Howard Roark represents a clichéd image of the architect as sole author: intransigent, strident, solitary. This piece attempts to recontextualize that image, foregrounding temporality, self-consciousness, revealing the multiple takes to get the 'right' shot.

For exhibition, nine different takes of the shot were programed to play back randomly, inserted in between regular programming on the digital information screens throughout the Ussher Library complex at Trinity College. The work was shown simultaneously in the cinema space at the McCullough Mulvin-designed Irish Architecture Foundation building.

The Fountainhead was exhibited as part of McCullough Mulvin Orange, an exhibition of work by Mark Orange produced in collaboration with Niall McCullough that was installed at five McCullough Mulvin buildings across central Dublin in September–October 2017.

Jill Stoner, 'Fugue in Temple Bar Minor', 2017