Interview With An Architect, Encased', 2017
Interview With An Architect, Encased, 2017
Installation with archival gold CD in display case, with lighting

An audio interview was conducted with architect Niall McCullough during a site visit to McCullough Mulvin Architects' 'Square Root' and Dublin Dental Hospital Extension buildings in South Leinster Street, Dublin.

An unedited copy of the 33 minute recording was burned to an archival gold CD and mounted inside the window display case at the Dental Hospital's street level shop front space. Locked inside the display case, the disc remained seen but not heard, a part of the building, yet at the same time inaccessible.

The piece was exhibited as part of McCullough Mulvin Orange, an exhibition of work by Mark Orange produced in collaboration with Niall McCullough that was installed at five McCullough Mulvin buildings across central Dublin in September–October 2017.

Jill Stoner, 'Fugue in Temple Bar Minor', 2017