Interview with Victor Robinson, 1997
Interview with Victor Robinson, 1997
Installation with 9 minute audio piece, portable radio, b/w photograph

This piece was made for the Catalyst Arts project 'Waterfront', a site-specific exhibition that took place at the Waterfront Concert Hall in Belfast, a then-just-opened £30m development incorporating a concert hall, conference facilities, bars and cafes.

An interview was conducted with Victor Robinson, principal architect of Robinson McIlwaine, designers of the concert hall, during a site visit to the building. The interview was edited with music in the style of a radio documentary and replayed through a small portable radio in the building's third-level coffee bar that affords panoramic views over the city.

The radio was displayed adjacent to a photograph of a model taken from a 'photo shoot' staged the day after the interview that followed the same route through the building as the interview. The same planar bench that the model sits on in the photograph was provided to sit on while listening to the audio; visitors to the exhibition would find themselves adopting the same pose as the model—leaning forward, hands clasped together, 'listening'.

Eoghan McTigue, 'Taking Place', CIRCA Magazine, Winter 1999