Minuit Passe: The Dollhouse', 2019
Minuit Passe: The Dollhouse, 2019
Sculptural installation, c. 17 x 35 x 21 cm, with 58 minute music mix

Minuit Passe was made for The Dollhouse, an experimental contemporary art space based in North Holland that is housed in a 1:12 scale open-plan dollhouse designed and manufactured in 1974 by the Dutch toy firm G. Okkerse. Dollhouse curator Ciara Finnegan invites four international artists per season to inhabit a room in the house, producing both a physical installation and an accompanying online process room where material related to the project can be shared.

Created for 'Winter In the Dollhouse' 2019, Minuit Passe revisited the world of 1970s high-end stereo, creating a record shelf-lined listening room complete with 1:12 scale audio enthusiast sculpted by the artist's son, Sam Orange. The installation was accompanied by a mix of atonal and serial music specially assembled for the project that imagined what the character might be listening to. The mix streamed via the project's online process room, alongside some of the character's ruminations on "advanced art music" and tips and tweaks for getting the most out of one's own hi-fi system.