The Morning After, 1998
16mm film transferred to DVD, 1 min, 24 secs

The Morning After is a one minute film informed by Rem Koolhaas' reading of the Manhattan street grid as "...a collection of blocks whose proximity and juxtaposition reinforce their separate meanings" ('Delirious New York', 1978).

The protagonist (played by Mickey Kelly) exits St. Patrick's Cathedral blessing himself, crosses one block to Rockefeller Center, where he pauses to contemplate Lee Lawrie's inscription "Wisdom and Knowledge Shall Be The Stability Of Thy Times", before reemerging on 6th Avenue to purchase and greedily devour a hot dog. This three-block journey sets up a putative opposition between the sacred and the profane, before their ultimate synthesis as the film fades out in a heavenly glow of light. The soundtrack of the piece features 'Our Prayer' by the Beach Boys.

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