Toor o' Fable, 1997
Toor O' Fable, 1997
Installation with 9 minute audio piece, portable radio, color photograph

An audio piece focusing on a 1930s Art Deco cinema in Govan, Glasgow that was made for 'Limits of Silence', an exhibition at the Pearce Institute in Govan—a local arts and community centre adjacent to the cinema on Govan Road.

The piece consists of three elements: an actor reading from a 1938 newspaper report on the then-new cinema, an interview with Glasgow architect Bill Armit that scrutinizes the building's current semi-derelict state, and a recording of a roundtable discussion focusing on the cinema with the Govan Reminiscence Group, a local oral history group.

The recordings were edited with music (from John Cage's 'Etudes Australes', 1974) in the style of a radio documentary, the four elements of the piece working off each other in a manner akin to the wear and tear acting on the crumbling cinema building. The piece was replayed through a portable radio in the cafeteria at the Pearce Institute, next to a photograph of the cinema's exterior that had been digitally manipulated to distort its shape and intensify its colours.

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